Sea2Sky Deathwalkers

We are members of a collective of professionals who care about the practice of good death, and we are working to redefine best-practices in death care.

Lea, Barbara, and Birdie are certified End of Life Strategists.

End of Life Strategists are called by many names: Death Doulas, Mourning Doulas, Death Care Advocates, End of Life Specialists, Death Midwives, Thanadoulas, and Deathwalkers among them.

We provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support at an intensely personal and critical time. We assist in planning and preparing for how the last days of the dying will unfold. Beyond comfort and companionship, we provide other services like facilitating reconciliation, assisting in the gathering of end of life documents, coordinating vigil schedules, help the family plan a legacy project, or guide the family through the death process, including the care of the body immediately after.

A Death Doula works with individuals, families, hospitals, and hospice to empower people to have a good death by ”walking beside the dying to their death. ”

In this day and age of climate change and environmental awareness, as well as advances in technologies and understanding  – we have much educating to do.

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