Pandemic resources for those facing end of life.

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7 Documents to get in order before you die.

Wants to collect your ideas, desires, and wishes in one area? Consider Cake.

Understanding Advanced Directives.
Montana Advance Directives
Washington Advance Directives

Death Meditation: developed by Atisha, an 11th Century Buddhist Scholar. These 9 contemplations of dying are often used often as a meditation practice – see more here.

  1. Death is inevitable
  2. My lifespan is ever decreasing
  3. Death comes whether or not I am prepared
  4. My life span is not fixed
  5. Death has many causes
  6. My body is fragile and vulnerable
  7. My material resources will be of no use to me
  8. My loved ones cannot save me
  9. My own body cannot help me when death comes

Green Burial Options

Five Wishes: can be purchased here.

Podcast: Buddha at the Gas Pump (episode on psilocybin research at the end-of-life).

Who has the legal right to make decisions about your body after you die?

National Home Funeral Alliance