Death Doula Services

Sea2Sky is an INCLUSIVE provider attending to the needs of all members of our society with equal devotion.”


End of Life Specialists are called by many names: death doula, mourning doula, death care advocate, death midwife, thanadoula, and deathwalker among them.

Whatever we are called, we provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support at an intensely personal and critical time. We assist in planning and preparing for how the last days of the dying will unfold. Beyond comfort and companionship, Death Doulas may provide additional services such as facilitating reconciliation, assisting in the gathering of end of life documents, coordinating vigil schedules, help the family plan a legacy project, or guide the family through the death process and the care of the body immediately after.

End of Life Doulas work with individuals, families, hospitals, and hospice to empower people to die well by ”walking beside the dying to their death. ”

Services (Coming Soon)

  • Create a comforting sacred space for mind and body
  • Hold Space through conversation, music, reading, watching movies/tv, etc. or simply quietly sitting in companionship
  • Discuss and/or Organize documents/Advanced Directives/Living Wills/Power of Attorney
  • Understand and liaise with the medical/ hospice/palliative care team.
  • Prepare or coordinate a vigil plan by meeting the needs and wishes of the patient regarding visitation and the details of the vigil plan.
  • Provide information and education on home care, hospice, advanced directives, funerals/burial/discuss end of life options
  • Facilitate communication between family members, easing and supporting relationships
  • Provide respite for caregivers so they can relax or attend to business