Haiku Sunday (61-62)

Fireworks The sky is ablaze, Dazzling colors of red, Bursting white and blue. Whistling rockets, Fountains spewing small sparkles While spectators “Ooooo.”

Haiku Sunday (38 & 39)

The May Queen Spring bursts into bloom, Announcing the arrival Of her Majesty. The Summer May Queen, Crowned with glorious garlands, Celebrates new life.

Haiku Sunday (31-32)

In Awe, My Eyes in Wonder See Ornate Cupolas, And gleaming golden onions, Spires for miles. The brocade altars, Byzantine architecture, Befitting a king.

Haiku Sunday (29-30)

Desert Dunes Centuries of secrets, Dark nomadic whisperings, Kept in the desert. Breezes shift the sand Serpentining by moonlight, forming brand new dunes. .