Making Walking Fun

This year, as we take inventory of our New Year’s resolutions, many of us have vowed to get more exercise. Of course, you can invest in a gym membership or join a work out group. But some of us are opting just to get out more and walk. If that is your goal, here are a few ideas to make your next stroll a little more enjoyable.

Magic and Madness

Michael Barnes is more than a sculptor, he is part magician, part mad scientist. He prods, pinches and pokes his creations until movement and matter merge into something worth pondering. Sometimes, when you expect it the least, you find art worth circling back for.

Low Impact Bathroom

Many of us are making an effort to make a smaller footprint, waste less and save money As you’re making your way journey through the low impact lifestyle,  switching from plastic and disposable items to sustainable alternatives can be a challenge. Here are some changes to consider.


We hug others when we’re excited to see each other, happy, or sad. Hugging is generally, universally comforting. But beyond comfort, hugging makes us healthier and happier. Here’s how.

Less is More

Whether you are hoping to minimize your wardrobe or just pare down the excess, here are 4 benefits of owning fewer clothes. You just might be surprised at how liberating it is.

Veteran’s Day Specials

Here’s a little shout out to my favorite veterans, my dad, brothers and currently deployed nephews… and all of the others who have sacrificed for our families and country. Here are 11 places veterans can enjoy a free meal on Veterans Day.

Aspergers- What You Don’t See

Being a mom of a daughter with Asperger’s is hard– really hard. Every day presents new challenges. I discover new speed bumps and potholes in daily living. Sometimes I spend an abundance of time racking my brain to come up with new creative coping skills…