Hi, my name is Birdie. I moved to the Pacific Northwest at the end of 2017 with my mom and my dog. We rolled out in our tiny house on wheels to explore new adventures and opportunities.

After working at a prestigious vet clinic I realized that there is a gap in end of life care for pets and their owners. It’s my hope to help animal lover families to create a peaceful end of life experience for companion animals. It would be amazing if we could aid our pets to have a peaceful transition at the end of their life. I want to support clients when they experience the death of their pet.

Services (coming soon)
– Creating a compassionate and inclusive culture for the end of life
– Explain the phases of dying
– Help owners acquire tools of discernment: our pain vs our pet’s pain
– Holding Space
– Holistic end of life care
– Creating meaningful rituals
–Provide resources information for end of life options
– Supporting pet guardians during pet hospice
– Supporting pet guardians during euthanasia
– Supporting pet guardians after the death of their pet