It’s A Hard Knock Life For Us

Whoa, we are just plowing from one disaster to the next. Although Washington State isn’t on lockdown yet, I see us inching our way there. The likelihood of us holing up for a couple weeks or more is… likely.  After distress and I danced around like a couple of awkward teenagers, I decided to sit the next round out. Instead of bumming about the crackdown on my personal freedoms, I decided to try and take a different approach.

It seems to me, you can do two things with your quarantine time. Get shit done or learn a new skill.

What if we used the time to get our “honey-do list” done? I know it sounds novel, but how about finishing up that afghan you’ve been crocheting for the last 6 years? How about fixing that door that you never have time to fix. Defrost your deep freeze. Get your craft room in order or clean out your garage. Do all of those things you never have time to get done or repair. How about an early deep spring clean?

I live in a tiny house, there aren’t a lot of things that really need doing. (Although when the weather is a bit warmer I am going to touch up my trim.) In the meantime, my daughter is learning a new skill. She picked up the ukulele on Saturday and has managed to bang out two recognizable songs so far. I think she might actually turn out to be pretty good at it. By the time we are done with lockdown, she’ll be able to pick up the financial pieces by busking in the streets.

I need to learn some Spanish. I’m not that great at it, but with my new found time, I’m probably going to be better than I was. YouTube is helping this sister out.

I know it’s scary out there, it’s a hard knock life for most, but don’t let the time with your loved ones go to waste. Crack out the board games. You can finally play a complete game of Monopoly or Risk….really, there’s no rush.

But if games and projects are not your bag, how about picking up the skill of kindness, compassion, selflessness, and empathy? Those are skills that could do with a little refining.



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