Working From Home

Working from home has always been a dream of mine and I have the good fortune to be able to work from home over the last couple of years. My tiny home is my retreat, sanctuary…my refuge. It’s organized and cozy. However, working from home isn’t always easy. If you are thinking about working from home, too, consider the following.

Designate a workspace. Scattered workspaces don’t work very well. Designate a specific space in your home to work and then keep all of your work-related stuff in that area. Organization is paramount. I have seen corners of garages and small closets turned into incredibly efficient, serene workspaces. (Hello Pinterest!)

Create a Routine. Working from home requires some self-discipline. Setting a routine will help keep you focused. I work best in the morning, I block work time into my calendar, so I don’t schedule any unnecessary distractions. I save all appointments (doctor, dentist, a trip to the chiropractor, coffee with a friend, etc.) for the afternoons when I tend to be less productive. I try to also work in two-hour blocks with a 15-minute break at the end of that block. I set a timer for my breaks, so 15 minutes doesn’t bleed into an hour. You can experiment with different routines until you find the one that suits you best.

Set boundaries. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you are always available. If you have kids, let them know when it is appropriate to interrupt. You might even have friends and family who think just because you work from home, you are available to chat at all hours. I turn my phone on silent when I am working and then check-in during my breaks or return non-urgent calls in the afternoon.

Step out. I love the freedoms and flexibility of working at home, but it’s easy for me to get stuck in a project. I have to force myself to take a longer break for lunch. It’s good for me to stretch my legs, go get the mail and walk the dog. Sometimes, during the rainy season, the isolation of working alone can be a bit much so I will take my project to the library or a WeWork space just to have some other human interaction.

Find the workspace, routine, and rhythm that works best for you. It’s very possible to have a productive, relaxing, positive work at home environment if you spend the time to set yourself up for success!

What you do to make working at home a success for you?

2 thoughts on “Working From Home

  1. I work from home as well and I always make sure to change out of my pajamas when I get out of bed even if it’s just to change into sweatpants and a hoodie. It distinguishes work time from relaxation time.


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